Adare Village – also known as “The Village of welcomes” is the destination on most tourists check list when they come to Ireland. Situated in County Limerick, adare-village-cottagesAdare is steeped in History and every corner has a story to tell. Adare Village has a lot to offer tourists when they visit Ireland. Whether your a historian, a golfer, a walker or a Musician, its all here for you in Adare.

List of what Adare has to offer:

  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Bars, Restaurants, Cafés etc.
  • Desmond Castle
  • The Franciscan Abbey
  • The Trinitarian Priory
  • The Agustinian Priory
  • St Nicholas old Graveyard
  • LIVE Music Events across town on a weekly basis
  • 18 holes at The Adare Manor golf course
  • Spa & Leisure Centres
  • Shoppingadare-village
  • Playground

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Adare Village Location